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1 Forum: Requests «» Posted on: Tue, 06 August 2013 11:52 «» By: fable4624
Re: weapon effects
1. Open fable explorer 2. Scroll down to object 3. Find the weapon you want(SOA is 5526) 4. Double click on the entry 5. Click on the CDEF's and find CObjectAugmentationsDef 6. Click on augmentation particles 7. Go to effects.big 8. click on the + b...
2 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Sat, 20 April 2013 20:04 «» By: downward00
Making New NPC's- Need some advice
Creating some new characters for my game. Trying to rename an existing NPC so that when I look at that person, their unique name will appear at the top of the screen. I tried changing the text content paragraph of an existing "HASNAME" entry in t...
3 Forum: Tools Discussion «» Posted on: Tue, 16 April 2013 16:53 «» By: morerunes
Re: How to...? In Chocolate box
Teleport doors are sort of hard, but here is a nice tutorial to do that. I think the sky just uses a texture, so if you use the Shadownet version of Fable Explorer you can search for sky textures in Textures.big Books can be edited in Chocolate Box o...
4 Forum: Work In Progress «» Posted on: Thu, 21 June 2012 20:02 «» By: EternalNoob
Re: [WIP] - Fable SDK
I'm kinda slowing down on this project, it's just so large in scale that I need to give up on the idea of getting it done quickly. --- I wrote a tool to help me out, it's basically a simple database tool, I can add a new entry("CTCHeroStats"...
5 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Fri, 26 August 2011 03:15 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Hero size
If you're talking about the text files in the Bones folder, you can edit those to any extent. But that's not the way to go with this, I assure you. Find the bone morphs in the CHeroMorphDef, it's the second section (of four) of the entry, the first bein...
6 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Sun, 10 July 2011 18:34 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: About Signpost.........
First method, make a new text.big entry with the desired text, then use the symbol name of the text entry for the ScriptData line in your sign script. For the second method, I can't remember if it's the GTG or BWD (UseCompiledWorldFiles and UseCompiledG...
7 Forum: General Discussion «» Posted on: Sat, 16 April 2011 09:16 «» By: asmcint
Re: Text help.
Go into text.big, find the entry you want to make a new entry from, give it a new name, edit the text inside if you want, pack it into an FMP, then exit FE without saving, re-enter, load your FMP, and you have a new entry.
8 Forum: Objects «» Posted on: Thu, 31 March 2011 10:55 «» By: asmcint
New Augmentation(O_O):Ancient Augmentation
Alright, as the title suggests, this mod creates a new augmentation. I don't have any proof other than a screenshot of it stuck in my sword, because the title, the texture, and what it does are all that set it apart. I probably should have spawned two so t...
9 Forum: General Discussion «» Posted on: Sun, 13 February 2011 06:24 «» By: Noctus
Re: Question.
You find the entry in text.big using Fable Explorer and edit it accordingly.
10 Forum: Scripts «» Posted on: Sun, 04 July 2010 13:25 «» By: SE_Danny
Re: New Title : Eternity Warrior !!
Yeah I noticed that too late Had already done 13 speak entries in the text.big. Should have used my brain That would be cool too. But I have no idea how to do that. I suppose I have to find a entry in the Game.bin which says what titles the titl...
11 Forum: Scripts «» Posted on: Sun, 04 July 2010 13:20 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: New Title : Eternity Warrior !!
The text.big title entries are linked to a specific dialogue.lut sound entry, the editing of which is currently beyond anyone still around. You can make the title available for sale at the title vendor.
12 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Sat, 05 June 2010 22:56 «» By: JohnDoe
Hero <-> Female
Important: If anyone starts being an immature idiot, I will start deleting posts. I won't provide for pervs nor will I tolerate perverse discussions. This is a modding project and the discussion will reflect that. Alright, this has been a failed pr...
13 Forum: Retextures «» Posted on: Sun, 25 April 2010 06:37 «» By: Noctus
Re: Ice Archon Platinum
Editing the description is simple, find the entry in the text.big (You can do this by going to the object entry, CInventoryItemDef, and one of the top entries in the CDef) and then finding the entry in text.big and dragging it into the tool that makes the ...
14 Forum: Requests «» Posted on: Fri, 16 April 2010 06:59 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Muskets/rifles?
Take the mesh, put it (or 'them' if there's more than one submesh) to origin (positioned at 0,0,0 and rotated to 0,0,0), add the helpers that Fable needs to make it work, put your mesh and helpers in the hierarchy used by Fable, export as DirectX, import t...
15 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Sun, 03 January 2010 12:24 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Trying to get started making new weapon...dont know what i need
If you want your own models, you'll need Blender or 3DS (preferably 3DS as you can do animated models too and it's less hassle). If you want your own textures, you'll need an image editor. If you want your own HUD icon, well that's a texture. If you wan...
16 Forum: Tutorials «» Posted on: Tue, 22 December 2009 05:14 «» By: OldBoy
New to modding Fable?
New kid on the block? Or learning how to mod Fable? Here are some links to tutorials and information gathered in one post. Some of the tutorials are located on this forum, others are external. Important notice: Projectego.net switched the software th...
17 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Sat, 26 September 2009 05:15 «» By: Little_Thing
Re: Bodyguard Modding
Thanks JohnDoe for moving this thread to its right place. And a big thank you to OldBoy for giving valuable information. Oops, forgot to attach the file, will edit the 1st post. My bad. I just change the creature and its health. Guess I will put it in ...
18 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Sat, 26 September 2009 02:40 «» By: OldBoy
Re: Bodyguard Modding
Welcome to our forums. As you probably noticed it's pretty quiet these days, so it's good to have new active members. As for you questions. q1: My scripting is rusty, so can't really help you here. But guess this way is better then no respawn at all. I...
19 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Wed, 26 August 2009 23:27 «» By: Velk_the_man
Pregnant Wife?
BTW first post, new to the site as well. probably sloppy, nondiscriptive, poor spelling/grammar, quite frankly though, that's kinda how i roll. lol. but anyways, i'm posting this mostly cause i didn't see anything on this anywhere in the wiki, or searches ...
20 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Wed, 15 July 2009 13:59 «» By: OldBoy
Re: Creating fmps
Ok this has been a while, but let me try to explain... Any CDef is a seperate entry in the game.bin, so you have to include every CDef you've changed in your fmp. To clarify this; say we make a new weapon, these could be the entries involved: the ma...
21 Forum: Objects «» Posted on: Wed, 22 April 2009 17:21 «» By: The New Fabled Ravrn
Re: New weapon: Sword of Ages
By golly, i'm wrong. At this point, I don't know if I should blame Baystone or not, but I won't, even if I should. (BayStone, you've done nothing wrong, keep up the good work!) I loaded this in CBox and it gave it that random ID, but caused problems ...
22 Forum: Requests «» Posted on: Sat, 18 April 2009 13:02 «» By: Silverback
Re: Dialogue.LUT files
Mild bump That tool extracts .Luts. The labeling you are referring to, doesn't work like that. They are paired with Text.big entries. Lionhead adds a "SND_" prefix to the Text.Big entry name and does a CRC of that string. That 32-bit value ...
23 Forum: Tools Discussion «» Posted on: Tue, 24 March 2009 12:27 «» By: Noctus
A Notice For Newbies - Packaging FMP's
I've seen a lot of newbies make mods and release them on the site, and render them unusable by packaging them wrong. YOU MUST PACKAGE EVERYTHING YOU CHANGE! EVERYTHING! No, just packaging the OBJECT entry won't do it. If you change the title, then...
24 Forum: General Mod Discussion «» Posted on: Mon, 09 March 2009 17:04 «» By: The New Fabled Ravrn
A Modder's General Refrendum
Okay, let's get this straight. This was started before my break and probably needs some work. I have two sections done, which are just the first two. I might be adding to it and I looked over many big guides, similar to this, at the time so I tried to ...
25 Forum: Tools «» Posted on: Sun, 08 February 2009 18:49 «» By: morerunes
FableExplorer - ShadowNet Builds
These were written by Silverback off of the standard FE, which was done by Hunter. Shadownet has searching and fmp merging built in, and the ability to right click a file and choose to back it up or restore from a backup (and maybe some other stuff, I d...
26 Forum: General Discussion «» Posted on: Tue, 30 December 2008 16:11 «» By: Noctus
Re: Weapon title change
I'll help you out. MAKING NEW TITLES/DESCRIPTIONS: Changing them: 1. Choose the weapon in OBJECTS in game.bin, double click to make a new window pop up. 2. Press the plus next to OBJECT and click CDefs 3. Scroll down to CInventoryItemDef. Click the ...
27 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Mon, 11 August 2008 18:45 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Editing the Stick's Description
Hey, I'm impressed. Not everything has a description, so there is no description entry for it, so there is nothing but a 0 in that box. What you need to do is create a new text entry for it. Right-click the text.big, create new entry. It helps to have ...
28 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Mon, 11 August 2008 18:37 «» By: Pooshkii
Editing the Stick's Description
I tried following these tips that Bluetooth gave to someone http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=13574& amp;&srch=weapon+description#msg_13574 but instead of the unknown giving me a link to the description of the Stick, it says ...
29 Forum: Definition Editing «» Posted on: Sat, 28 June 2008 12:46 «» By: The New Fabled Ravrn
Copied weapons and their respective Textures
Quick question, oh and John don't answer this if you're tired of these, i was planning on releasing the AGWS thingy of mine much sooner, but i can't seem to get the textures right. Here's what i did. 1.Went to all of the Master Weapon Textures and...
30 Forum: Requests «» Posted on: Tue, 17 June 2008 17:34 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Alter class/title names
If you mean the actual text itself, text.big. (08660) - TEXT_GUI_STATS_RENOWNCLASS_LEVEL0 - Unknown (08674) - TEXT_GUI_STATS_RENOWNCLASS_LEVEL1 - Unsung (08683) - TEXT_GUI_STATS_RENOWNCLASS_LEVEL2 - Recognised (08702) - TEXT_GUI_STATS_RENOWNCLASS_LEV...
31 Forum: Tools «» Posted on: Tue, 17 June 2008 11:04 «» By: morerunes
Re: ChocolateBox
FEATURE REQUESTS: object clone: you pick an object, and it clones it, making another of every necessary CDef and property for that type of object (so if it's a weapon, then it would set up a clone of that weapon using cloned CWeaponDef, CObjectAugmentat...
32 Forum: Packages «» Posted on: Sun, 08 June 2008 11:56 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Add an outfit?
Here's what's involved, pick up where you left off:duplicate existing entries for the apprentice outfit:rename the model entries in the graphics.big:(4081) MESH_HERO_FOLDED_GLOVES_APPRENTICE;(4082) MESH_HERO_FOLDED_SHIRT_APPRENTICE;(4083) MESH_HERO_FOLDED_...
33 Forum: Packages «» Posted on: Sun, 08 June 2008 09:06 «» By: Omega Meckberg
Evil Apprentice Outfit
I have some retextures for the Apprentice Outfit, but I want to have the neutral apprentice outfit and the evil one I made. I read something about the Albion Explorer, but I don't know (understand) how to make the new object exist IN the game (it hace some...
34 Forum: Tools «» Posted on: Mon, 26 May 2008 07:21 «» By: BayStone
** Moderator edit log ** 07/01/2009 - Added x64-compatible exe download. 09/04/2009 - Links to newer unofficial versions. 22/08/2009 - Unofficial list updated. 02/02/2009 25/03/2009 10/07/2009 16/10/2009 Remove log if desire...
35 Forum: Level Scripting «» Posted on: Thu, 08 May 2008 16:32 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Looking for a Tutorial
It's important to learn how the maps and regions are laid out and how they work, as well as the general idea of how .TNGs and .LEVs work before you go into the more complex things. .WLD Tells Fable which .LEVs are which maps and where they are and what...
36 Forum: Graphics Editing «» Posted on: Mon, 14 April 2008 09:51 «» By: morerunes
Modeling for Fable
alright, it seems that more and more people want to model, so here is a full blown, cover-it-all tutorial for those that do not know anything about how to do it for fable. 1. Pick your favorite modeling program. I personally prefer Blender, not because ...
37 Forum: Work In Progress «» Posted on: Tue, 01 April 2008 22:44 «» By: James Butts
Re: Fable: The New World
I'm just to lazy and don't want to search threw all of the text entries to rename an area so I save time by creating a new text entry
38 Forum: Work In Progress «» Posted on: Tue, 01 April 2008 22:41 «» By: JohnDoe
Re: Fable: The New World
How did I miss this thread? Anyway, in the .WLD there's something called "NewDisplayName" as chaos mentioned, except it ties to a text.big entry, and as James Butts said you can make a new text entry, though I'd recommend editing the existing te...
39 Forum: Level Scripting «» Posted on: Sun, 03 February 2008 03:07 «» By: JohnDoe
JohnDoe's Item Spawning Guides
.:: NOTES - DO READ If you adamantly do not wish to use FreeRoam or can't use FreeRoam because you have an FE-compiled wad archive, you can import/export tngs using FE. If you have successfully used the newer (zipped) version of AlbionExplorer or Cho...
40 Forum: General Discussion «» Posted on: Wed, 26 December 2007 07:05 «» By: morerunes
Re: Naming items
text.big just open text.big and right click the part that says TEXT_ENGLISH_MAIN or if you have a different language then it would be that, and click new entry. Then open any entry besides the one you just made and click export under the entry data, the...
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