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Trader Items-Pricing and Adding [message #66845] Thu, 14 June 2012 12:14 Go to next message
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This post concerns the pricing aspect of traders, and how to add items to a certain trader.

Something similar was mentioned in teyrs-little-shopkeeper-modification-primer-dummies on PE but the link was lost.

That post concerns adding items to a shopkeeper and mentions a way to change the value of the items. No disrespect to Teyr, but I like my way better, some people may prefer his. Credit goes to Teyr for making most of this list.

I used Teyr's list, then expanded it to include Wandering Traders, Darkwood Camp Traders and Taverns.

My post differs in that you change the actual traders percentage of value charged, rather than the price of individual items. No need to open each item you want to change, you simply use the trader's list. By making the percentage .001 you will pay nothing, but get nothing for selling to them. So do not lower the percentage of all items for all traders/shops.

From Fable Explorer Game.bin,
Scroll down to CShopDef,
Click plus sign beside CShopDef,
Double click the trader # you want,
Click the plus sign beside that traders CShopDef,
Then click EE2FC7F1 CShopDefArray1List, (DefaultStock in newest xml)
Change '(float)Type Sale/Wanted' of the item you want to .75 to pay 3/4 price,
to .5 to pay 1/2 price, .25 to pay 1/4 price, etc.


From Fable Explorer Game.bin,
Scroll down to CShopDef,
Click plus sign beside CShopDef,
Double click the trader # you want,
Click the plus sign beside that traders CShopDef,
Then click EE2FC7F1 CShopDefArray1List, (DefaultStock in newest xml)
Then either change the ItemForSell to a different item number,
Or click add and enter an item number and make other values similar to one already there.

9304: The Hero Title Vendor at the WitchWood Arena
9319: The Shopkeep inside the WitchWood Arena
9360: The Tailor at Bowerstone South (The Slums)
9364: The Female Barber at Bowerstone South (The Slums)
9371: The Tavern at Bowerstone South
9392: The Shopkeep at Bowerstone North
9411: The Blacksmith at Bowerstone South (The Slums)
9420: The General Items Shopkeep inside the entrance to Bowerstone South (The Slums)
9438: The Tavern in the Bordello
9446: The Hero Title Vendor Outside the Guild of Heroes
9463: The Tavern in the Guild
9467: The Guild of Heroes Shop (This one may cause problems.)
9499: The Tavern at Hook Coast
9502: The General Items Shopkeep at Hook Coast
9507: The Blacksmith at Hook Coast
9522: The Tavern at Knothole Glade
9535: The General Items Shopkeep at Knothole Glade
9537: The Tattooist at Knothole Glade
9539: The Blacksmith at Knothole Glade
9565: The Tavern at Oakvale
9570: The Blacksmith at Oakvale
9575: The General Items Shopkeep at Oakvale
9609: The Charity Worker at Snowspire Village
9614: The Blacksmith at Snowspire Village
9619: The Tailor at Snowspire Village
9629: The Tavern at Snowspire Village
9630: The General Items Merchant at Snowspire Village
9632: The Tattooist at Snowspire Village
10768: CREATURE_TRADER_STOCKED_03 (This guy sells MasterGreat Hammer)
11391: Darkwood Camp General Items Seller
11392: Darkwood Camp Tailor
11393: Darkwood Camp Armorer
11394: Banditcamp General Item Seller
11395: Banditcamp Armorer
11396: Banditcamp Tailor

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Great this helps a lot thanks! Very Happy
But... Wouldn't this be better in Tutorials though

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Sorry if this sounds like a silly and outdated question,
but I have to ask since it is something I am currently trying to work around.

Is it possible to change who uses which CShopDef?

For example: Making Leo the Title Vendor have a Blacksmith's Defs or vice versa.
Or better yet, is it possible to assign one to a newly created NPC in-general?

The reason I ask this, is because I didn't like the location of some Shopkeepers and they don't appear on Cbox for me.
So, I deleted most of the contents in the surrounding area and then added new NPCs in the locations that I desire.

However, I imagine the lack of a CShopDef is what's preventing them from trading with me.

Just a big fan of the greatest game that was ever created...

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