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Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker is currently offline  Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker
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This is my first mod, and I say without egotism, it may be one of the best of simplest mods made. Basically what I did is changed everything how it works, and I mean everything. People always complained how Fable was always too easy. Well not this version of it! Weapon Damages have increased as you'll soon notice playing this remake, but all monsters have been given hp upgrades in accordance of their nature, mobs have been changed, and also the hardly to never before seen Ice and Queen nymph are now available at all times when you visit the Northern Wastes. Spells are now enhanced, but so are the enemies. OP is no longer an issue for the advanced monsters of this game, and also the Brains of most monsters have been upgraded, along with their claws, to put up better fights! The Skorm's bow has also been given an explosive enhancement, and there is even a twist on too how to defeat Jack the dragon to make things more interesting. So although gear and spells are more powerful as you'll notice early in the game, believe me, the enemies further on in the game can take it. Oh and Enjoy the end of the world quest. Epic monsters for epic fights is all I can say. Environments have also been changed, and you might notice music being in areas where they shouldn't belong (I'm hoping to post .ogg files of the music I believed belonged there is why). I'm looking to mod more things, and you might notice some bugs here and there, but for the most part, its all for good gaming. If anyone have some issues or distastes, feel free to post your concerns, and I'll be happy to explain step by step how to solve these issues. Hope everyone enjoys, and CHEERS!

Please Post your opinion of the mod During and After you have Passed the game. If the game was a piece of trash, let me know because I don't want to keep a piece of trash posted. I honestly created this mod for the enjoyment of the player (and hoping Lion-head could pick up some tips on the what content to add to the remake they're working on) If the mod doesn't work, let me know this too in case some changes need to be made. Again this is a work in progress, so I'll be posting updates of a more upgraded version of this game so everyone can enjoy this game to the best that they can. (I'll also probably make a Gamer's Manual of this game as well since the Slaying System is different and some monsters may only be killed under specific circumstances).

Warning Crunchy Chicks give 150,000 Will Experience, but also gives -1000 alignment. The only thing that can neutralize it's effect is Blue Berry Pie, which gives +4500 alignment, but also gives 1miilion experience for all three Classes of experience. Reason I did this was so I can use Crunchy Chicks to become absolutely evil and master the Spells according to it, and then use the Blue Berry Pie to become absolutely Good and Master the other spells according to it. To enjoy the RPG Wonder of Fable, I'd suggest you not eat any of the two mentioned items. It won't effect the difficulty of the game (I made sure of that) but it will remove the fun of grinding experience, but I'll leave that up to you, the players.

Here are some Pictures as well so people can have a rough idea on how game play will be, in terms of combat. And if anyone wants to see that in detail, I made a small photo album for people to watch. Might include a video to go along with that eventually.

Link for Photo Album:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/5wi2s8zky4cdzth/Fable%20-% 20The%20Lost%20Chapters%20(Remade)%20%20PhotoJournal.zip

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asmcint is currently offline  asmcint
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Seems like an ambitious project. One I tried to bring myself to attempt multiple times. It never panned out.

Hope this does well. Also, you might want to get some screenshots in. While a lot of this isn't easily displayed, the weapon and armor tweaks should be easily 'shotted. I specifically suggest this because a lot of people(myself included) like to see what something looks like before attempting to donwload it.

But, yeah. Good luck!

Read the site rules, as well as individual thread rules, stickies and announcements, and use search, or you will have smartassy or exasperated ownage rained down upon you by the site's crack team of mods and admins. Also, you can find all you need to get started on modding here.
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Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker is currently offline  Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker
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Okay, as promised, I said I would make a small album of music to replace the one Fable already comes with in order that it doesn't
sound weird when going to certain areas, (Like Orchard Farm playing Demon Door Music). So here's a link of music I customized from already existing music. I basically just increased the length of some of the music, or mashed several songs into one. Hope you all enjoy. Cheers!

Link to Download Album
http://www.mediafire.com/download/tjic94j91bdwdnc/OGG%20Musi c%20Files%20for%20Fable%20Remake.zip

And don't worry, they all have been converted to .ogg format, which
is the format used in the PC version of fable, so all you have to do is copy and paste to replace the existing music (back up the ones you replace just in case). They all have been labeled as well according to which environment music they were intended to replace.
Side Note: Some of the music may sound like they don't belong to that environment (example: Cemetery Music for the woods or what ever) but that's only because in the mod I rerouted the music since the music files were repetitive, that way there can be more variety into the music you listen to as you play along, so before you judge, listen to the music as you play. Believe me, you'll enjoy it, or your money back ;P
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What's with "(part 1)"?

Also, when I try and use it it gives me an error message "Control bytes mismatch. ID=F0F1CA81"
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