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Fable Explorer treeview is blank [message #69844] Sat, 07 December 2013 15:25
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Hello all, Hopefully somemone can help me with this problem. I have searched but I can not find any post with this same issue or anything on how to fix it. I do not have time to read every thread on your website and have wasted many hours searching which has lead to me asking for help. *please excuse my frustration*

(Before you ask, YES i do have a legal copy of Fable TLC. I got it off of steam, NO CRACKS, PATCHES or anything funny.)

I have downloaded the shadownet version because the others did not have a config file where i could change the setting to false for registry.

So now that i have done that, I launch fable explorer

Fable Explorer launches, However I see nothing but white.
No files.

Now i had it working previously about a month ago, but I was not using the shadownet version. I changed something i should not have and it caused chaos, forcing me to redownload both fable and fable exploerer. However this time I used the Shadownet version, because my previous did not have the config file to change registry to false.

so yea now im lost because the files do not show up on the treeview. I went to open to try and find them but I cannot find them.

Im trying to tweak the spells a bit, because my previous config was way to overpowered so im lowering casting costs, damage amounts and projectile amounts for some. (multiarrow =p)

((((To sum it up = My files are not displaying when i open fable exploerer, I see nothing but white, and I am wondering if anyone could assist me to find out where i went wrong.)))

I can indeed load fmp files and big files MANUALLY through the OPEN tab, but have failed to locate the ones i need for spell editing. =(
Please help me.

I want to thank you for this amazing program, and please excuse my lack of knowledge where it is shown.

Thank you in advance for any help offered, it is greatly appreciated!
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OK. I believe I have figured this issue out through trial and error. Correct me if I am missing something or just plain out wrong. (Please dont be harsh, I am new to modding fable.)

I am going to attempt at clearing this up for others who are new as well and cannot see by default all the files for editing. (Blank Treeview)

so I was looking for .big files. That was my first mistake

You are looking for .bin files not .big and not .fmp because those are not the default game files you are trying to edit.

Step 1: If it is completely blank like stated earlier,
go to OPEN

Step 2: * set the file you are looking for to .bin *

Step 3: then find the names.bin and open that one FIRST.
(you should see a filepath on the topright. if so great! next step! )

Step 4: now find the game.bin and open that. Now there is 2 filepaths displayed on the topright.

Step 5: double click the game.bin filepath

Boom! There they are!

Going to go try and edit my spells now.
I will follow up if anything goes wrong.
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One other thing. Double, Triple and Quadruple check your install directory in config.xml with notepad or whatever and make sure it is indeed correct and that <Useregestry> is set to false if you have steam like me.

Good luck guys!
Got mine to work like a charm.
Whew....what a day.

Going to take my frustration out on some villagers now. =)

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