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icon3.gif  Using Silverback's CAppearanceDef App/ Advanced but effective hero swap w/o errors [message #35496] Mon, 17 December 2007 10:08 Go to next message
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This is not finished, still working on it.

So, you already tried switching your mesh, and your CAppearenceDef, and you tried getting rid of the facial expressions in CCreatureDef, but no matter what you do you just can't get your hero swap to work properly. Well then, what you need is the *drum roll* CAppearanceDef App!

This is a tutorial to teach you how to patch the CAppearanceDef so that your hero swap walks around like that thing, looks like it without having a screwed up face, and still be able to weild weapons, sheath, and cast spells correctly. So, now down to buisness.

Character Swaps

First, open FE and go to CREATURE>>CREATURE_HERO, then open the creature you want to swap with also. First, copy the id of the model under graphic and paste it over your hero's. Next, copy and paste the model scale over your hero's. Do this for the eye also.

Next, go to CCreatureDef of the hero, and delete the facial expressions, or set them to 0. If the creature you swap with has a title, go ahead and put it in your inventory. Do this by going to OBJECT>>HERO_TITLE_(insert title here), and pasting the id into weapon1 or weapon2 on your hero, or spawn it and get it.

next copy the id for the CEntitySoundDef of the creature and paste it over your hero's.

If the creature you swap with has a torso texture (found next to the graphic box) then copy and paste that too. Now you are ready for the CAppearanceDef.

First, go to CREATURE>>CREATURE_HERO>>CAppearanceDef and click export, then save it as HERO. Then do the same thing, except with the creature of your choice. The example I will use is CREATURE_WITCH, and name it WITCH

After you have two files, one named HERO, one named WITCH, open two copies of the CAppearanceDef App. Put one in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, one in the bottom right. Then click "open" on one window and choose HERO, then open your names.bin. Remember which window you opened HERO with, then do the same for the other window except open WITCH.

If you already have an error it's because you either opened the wrong kind of file, or you clicked "cancel". Doing either crashes the program, just make sure you click "quit" if that happens.

Next you need to start patching your hero's CAppearanceDef. To do this, just open the first entry on the left in the WITCH appearanceDef by double-clicking it. Look where it says "animation id" and copy it. Note the two Names.bin offset names. Next find that same entry on your hero, and if there are multiple of them, open them one at a time until you find one with the same names.bin offsets. Once you find it, paste the animation id from the WITCH into the box you just found. Click apply, then click close. Continue this pattern with every entry from the WITCH. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLICKING APPLY!

Now the tricky part. If you find an animation entry that does not exist there are two things you can do.

Create a new entry by opening any entry and clicking "export", save it as something, then click "create", then open the one that you just created and click "import" and choose the file you just saved. Later you will have to change your attack style to that of the creature you are using.

B. Preferred way, because it is less bug-prone. Find an already existing animation in the hero that you are willing to compensate for, such as blocking, and just replace that animation. Simple as that.

When all is said and done, just close the program. It is highly recommended that you create a new CAppearanceDef entry in FE, just in case, but if you don't just import your new CAppearanceDef over the Hero's already existing one.

You may want to also use my no sheaths mod to get rid of sheathing problems.

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Re: Using Silverback's CAppearanceDef App/ Advanced but effective hero swap w/o errors [message #55695 is a reply to message #35496] Tue, 12 January 2010 03:43 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Never got around to giving feedback to this.
It would turn out that the way I was doing it was wrong, or inefficient at least.
This is much better. I would suggest a few pics though, if you're still up to editing this.

And for fun, screenshots. Smile

Edit: Also noticed that this thread was locked for some reason, well it's unlocked now.

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Re: Using Silverback's CAppearanceDef App/ Advanced but effective hero swap w/o errors [message #63087 is a reply to message #55695] Sun, 29 May 2011 14:51 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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So, question. I've looked around, and can't seem to find SilverBack's CAppearenceDef App.
Re: Using Silverback's CAppearanceDef App/ Advanced but effective hero swap w/o errors [message #63091 is a reply to message #63087] Sun, 29 May 2011 15:48 Go to previous message
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Right here. Also, once again, necropost.

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