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HeroMorph CDef's and YOU [message #64793] Sat, 24 September 2011 04:16 Go to next message
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(This is my first post here, and in my time lurking the board I find questions about incredibly simple fixes or edits abundant here so I figured as an introduction, why not post a pseudo guide/how-to for HeroMorph and particularly editing Textures or Bones properly? Nice to meet you all, hope to learn a lot from this community!)

Recently I have been learning more about HeroMorph values and particularly the player stats and ran into this issue:


After running around in the nude as a skinny, evil little man I finally snapped out of my stupor and began working on fixing my error.

Reading posts and questions on the forum, I notice others making the same mistake! Fear not, for fixing this is elementary.

Simply restore the old values.

In each of the (int)Bone Config fields replace with these numbers:

For hero_tall.bncfg use 360192
For hero_strong.bncfg use 360170
For hero_weak.bncfg use 360150
For hero_fat.bncfg use 360235

You should be fine after applying these values.

Now, addressing the common problem about the size of your Hero.

The values in the HeroMorph respond similar to player stats in the Textures (DE9B0516) criteria.

So if your Hero has maxed out Strength, but you want him to be a more realistic size, change the FIRST int(unknown) field of hero_strong to 0. If done correctly you will have a muscular frame like such:


Another similar fix is giving hero_weak a stat of 8 (or 6 - Evil, 7 - Good, 10 - Will). His muscles will still be defined but he'll carry the small frame from the beginning of the game. Personally, for my Hero I like this look:


Play around with the four values (tall,strong,weak,fat) accordingly with your alignment (6 for Evil, 7 for Good but can also be used with 10 - Will and my personal preference 8 - Skill) to find the right proportions for you!

Take note that my Texture layers are also set up to behave similarly, the scars/muscles/evil correspond with my Skill stat since I am a Marksman and I have not had an issue with how they display on my Hero to date.

From my perspective I find this much better for editting your Hero's appearance. Nothing to delete or back-up if you're just changing values, right?

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The problem with this is that it is not constant and would have to be changed on a per-user basis, and not just once but every time the player's stats change, and the number of edits to get the desired result is impractical and complicated. The idea is to keep it short, simple and stupid.
Re: HeroMorph CDef's and YOU [message #64799 is a reply to message #64793] Sat, 24 September 2011 15:35 Go to previous message
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True, but generally if you're playing through the game and find that the game has changed your desired size/textures/etc. you'll end up editing the definitions regardless.

I also forgot to put a disclaimer originally that you should already have decided on your "Main" stat and alignment if you wish for the Morph to correspond with how you level. I started my Hero off beginning as a Skill-oriented character and began to gradually see the changes as my Skill increased. A positive to this con is that when you master the attribute, your body will stay the way you want it to, unless you edit the values again.

Although I personally have not tried this with Will or Strength, I'd imagine you can find the same results depending on how you want to train your Hero's abilities. I agree that it may not necessarily be a "short" or "stupid" method to using HeroMorph but from my point of view is rather "simple" if you've clearly decided on how you want your Hero to mature.
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