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 Topic: Fable Application Suite Installer
Fable Application Suite Installer [message #70904] Sat, 04 April 2015 14:27
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Old thread
morerunes wrote on Mon, 09 August 2010 12:11

I've made an installer that packages up a bunch of fable apps.

Included are the following:

Chocolate Box by Baystone
FE Shadownet Build by Hunter and Silverback
B-Morph by morerunes
Fable Explorer 4.1 Beta by Hunter
FE w/ Search by Hunter and Silverback
FE w/ Sound by Hunter and Silverback
Cutscene Extractor by Baystone
Albion Explorer by Baystone
Window Mode Hook by Wiccaan
Freeroam by Silverback
Setup Path Editor by Satan
Chest Formatter by MegaworM
TNG Parser by Manic
Teleport Calculator by Pe_Ell
+24 Trainer by Hesperus
Shop Trainer by Hesperus
Worf +10 Trainer by Worf
+7 Deviance! Trainer by SIRIaX and aLpHa oNe

You may need to find and install certain prerequisites, as the checking system in the installer is broken.

You may also need to install updates to CBox and Shadownet.

If you want your program added or removed, let me know and I will begrudgingly do so.

Also, the +24 trainer will show up as a keylogger in some anti-virus programs. This does not mean it is a virus, it is just in the way the program works.

Download - FTLCAppsSetup.exe 20.5 MB (21,566,394 bytes)

New download - FTLCAppsSetup.exe

[Updated on: Sat, 04 April 2015 14:31]

Being an open forum, try to contribute to it.
Fable Anniversary modding tutorial
Allow modification of Fable
Model swap animation fix
A crime in the wink of eye
 Topic: Chocolate Box x64
Chocolate Box x64 [message #67830] Tue, 19 February 2013 02:13
DrVooDoo  is currently offline DrVooDoo
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Whether there CBox with native x64-code.
Original 32bit give error with buffer overflow.
 Topic: ChocolateBox for Mac
icon7.gif  ChocolateBox for Mac [message #67297] Sun, 09 September 2012 05:27
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  • Fable TLC game
  • Intel processor
  • X11( downloadable, but it usually is already installed)
  • 370 mb available (I used Mono framework instead of .NET, because it's smaller)

After installing, you have to point your Fable Directory to ChocolatBox. When you open it the first time, navigate through the folders and select FableTLCData.
My Computer>Z>Applications>Fable TLC>FableTLCData
Ported via Wine. Razz
Feel free to report any problems regarding the compatibility, not bugs related to the program itself, as it is not created by me.

*EDIT* Sorry, here's the fixed link


[Updated on: Sun, 09 September 2012 08:01]

 Topic: ShadowNet Build for Mac
icon7.gif  ShadowNet Build for Mac [message #67295] Sat, 08 September 2012 10:11
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Registered: July 2012
  • Fable TLC game
  • Intel processor
  • X11( downloadable, but it usually is already installed)
  • 850 mb available (sorry, I couldn't shrink the Wine bundle, I did my best)

Well, you just have to install it, then go to
 /Applications/Fable TLC/FableTLCData/data/CompiledDefs
, backup all files, open ShadowNet, firstly load names.bin and you're ready to mod!

The port has been made via Wine.
It may take a little to start up the first time... Razz
Good luck! Very Happy



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 Topic: CQuestCardDef titles
CQuestCardDef titles [message #67091] Sat, 28 July 2012 16:50
Zyreq  is currently offline Zyreq
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I made this document by hand. This will help you navigate to quests easier in CQuestCardDef instead of having to open up entries to find the name. The CQuestCardDef is where you can change quest rewards, renown, gold,etc.
The 5 digit number on the left side- This is the ID of the CQuestCardDef
The text after the 5 digit number- Obviously what quest it is.
Text in parentheses- Helpful info

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 Topic: ATTENTION - Rules on posting.
ATTENTION - Rules on posting. [message #61034] Mon, 03 January 2011 04:53
JohnDoe  is currently offline JohnDoe
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Very quick set of rules for posting in this forum.
Don't. Only post here if you are releasing a tool.
Do not post here to complain about a tool or anything else of the sort.
If you have a problem with a tool, you can discuss it in the Tools Discussion forum.

That is all, enjoy your day.

[Updated on: Mon, 03 January 2011 04:54]

 Topic: Scripted Trader for Albion Explorer
Scripted Trader for Albion Explorer [message #37192] Fri, 25 January 2008 14:04
driftking7050  is currently offline driftking7050
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Hi all

made a new entry for albion explorer to add bluetooth's scripted trader to the world more easily

Special Thanks to: Bluetooth for making this mod
Sean S for fixing some issues

 Topic: B-Morph 1.3
B-Morph 1.3 [message #37096] Mon, 21 January 2008 20:16
morerunes  is currently offline morerunes
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Use this program to modify the bones files usually located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Fable - The Lost Chapters\data\Bones

I will make more detailed instructions later, but basically just check your boxes, then enter your values, click apply x, apply y, and apply z, then go to file>>save as, and save over the bones file you wish to overwrite. Or you can open an existing one, and make changes, then save it again.

You'll need the latest version of latest runtime

alright, hopefully this one works. I also included a zip archive for those who don't like the installer

[Updated on: Mon, 16 June 2008 06:22]

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 Topic: Albion Explorer Templates
Albion Explorer Templates [message #36304] Tue, 01 January 2008 19:25
morerunes  is currently offline morerunes
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Send templates to me via pm and I'll update this post.

New Templates

Creature Generator
Custom Shopkeeper

Just replace the original templates folder in the AE root directory

UPDATE: Added Scripted Shopkeeper

UPDATE: Got rid of scripted shopkeeper and added Custom Shopkeeper

You'll need this to use the custom shopkeeper.

  • Attachment: templates.zip
    (Size: 11.36KB, Downloaded 1107 time(s))

[Updated on: Wed, 02 January 2008 20:53]

"All of the work, and none of the play, will surely provide for a speedy decay"
 Topic: lev list
lev list [message #25275] Mon, 27 August 2007 19:06
morerunes  is currently offline morerunes
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here is a list of all the .lev files in case somebody needs it, I made it for me to use, and decided to post it.

  • Attachment: lev list.txt
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"All of the work, and none of the play, will surely provide for a speedy decay"
 Topic: PC Controller Mapping Applications
PC Controller Mapping Applications [message #22036] Thu, 19 July 2007 05:32
chaos  is currently offline chaos
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I DID NOT make these. I'm just posting them here so users can find them easier.

ImBobbo wrote on Thu, 07 September 2006 12:58

It looks like I'm a little late, but I've finished a Fable: TLC profile for those of you using ControlMK.

It basically follows the same controls as the Xbox version. Tell me what you think.

NOTE: I mapped this configuration using a 360 gamepad, so I can't guarantee it will work with anything else.

ahtisinthehouse wrote on Wed, 12 April 2006 11:27

I am using an xbox controller to playit
The program i use is ControlMK. it works fine.

 Topic: Fable Teleporting Calculator
Fable Teleporting Calculator [message #21193] Tue, 03 July 2007 04:26
chaos  is currently offline chaos
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Registered: May 2006
This won't work for the newer areas in the northern wastes since this is for the first Fable, but it is still very useful.

 Topic: TNG parser v1
TNG parser v1 [message #17310] Fri, 23 March 2007 07:20
OldBoy  is currently offline OldBoy
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Location: Groningen


This is the TNG parser, it can be used to edit tng's.
It can be handy for people who don't know how to work Albion Explorer.

This is not a Beta, and no more work is being done on it.

Credits go to Manic who made this tool.

For questions about tng's and scripting, look for answers here.

As I didn't make this tool, don't come to me for support.
Don't bother sending pm's about it to Manic either, he's not active anymore as far as I can tell.
It's pretty straightforward so there should be no need for it anyway.

  • Attachment: tng_parser.exe
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[Updated on: Fri, 23 March 2007 10:00]

this is not an exit.
 Topic: AlbionExplorer
AlbionExplorer [message #6929] Thu, 09 March 2006 09:44
BayStone  is currently offline BayStone
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Sun, 25 May 2008

This application is thus declared abandoned.

Thu, 18 October 2007 09:26

* Objects
- duplication
- context menus
- ownership

* Bug fixes
* Automatic WAD extraction might also work

Wed, 07 February 2007 02:16

Basic help

Wed, 17 January 2007 02:09

* Log file
* New minimap load system
* Couple of bug fixes
* Less memory usage, not much, but anyway

Sorry for the all the DLL mess ups.


Fri, 26 May 2006 02:34

Added couple of fixes and the "To ground" system is now object based.

Mon, 22 May 2006 04:16

* Mouse wheel zoom
* Scrolling with the middle mouse button (wheel click)
* Saving system changed a little bit
* Ground level control (for objects that are above the ground level)
* Save changes menu item for the tng files (in world editor tree view)

Notice! The ownership system has some problems. If you change the ownership information of an object via the text editor, you need to close the editor window, save changes and open it again before the ownership information is used.

EDIT: Noticed there was some floating point issues that may have caused some problems in previous versions. So, updated the app.

Mon, 17 April 2006 08:21

The main feature this time is multiple selection. Object selection area is done with the mouse drag and Alt key. Adding selections to previous selections is done with Ctrl.

Mon, 27 March 2006 00:03

Added the needed rotation/ownership feature and couple of other things.

Sun, 19 March 2006 15:01

* Loading windows
* Ownership
* Better modification control
* icons xml

Fri, 17 March 2006 15:51

* UID finder

Thu, 16 March 2006 12:51

* Regions/maps support
* Import TNG
* TNG Wizard
* Custom templates
* Icons
* Minimaps, though it needs a bit of work from you.
* By default it uses your installed Fable files, so back them up before using or use the MyPath setting from the ini file.
* Objects appear only after certain zoom level.

About the attachments:

AEResources.zip contains the various icons, templates and minimaps. AlbionExplorer.zip contains just the application.

[Updated on: Tue, 21 October 2008 23:37] by Moderator


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