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 Topic: General memory structure of Fable process?
General memory structure of Fable process? [message #70612] Wed, 27 August 2014 13:32
zeekums  is currently offline zeekums
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Registered: August 2014
I'm attempting to make an inventory trainer, and I'm trying to get an idea using Cheat Engine of how memory is laid out in-process by finding static addresses to certain structures in memory.
However, I cannot seem to find many resources on doing this for fable specifically, and I don't think that any source code for Fable trainers were releaased.
If anyone is willing to discuss this with me, I'd love to talk on Skype or IRC or something.
 Topic: Sound files
Sound files [message #70510] Mon, 21 July 2014 15:03
Nabooru  is currently offline Nabooru
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Registered: July 2014
Hello, So my problem is that i have to do a project in gaming class and i told my professor ahead that i picked Fable. Thing is now my professor says i can't change it. My game cds recently got damaged due to lending it to a friend. Crying or Very Sad I was wondering if it's possible, Can i please have a copy of the extracted sound files like the NPCs, monsters and sound effects from the game? This project is due this Friday and waiting for my order to come in will take a bit long. Please, any help will be appreciated.
My e-mail is polululuna@gmail.com Thank you.
 Topic: Lady Grey likes Evil Char's
Lady Grey likes Evil Char's [message #70433] Mon, 23 June 2014 06:28
Silva  is currently offline Silva
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Registered: June 2014
Loving this site and all the work you put into Mods guys, recently picked up Fable again for PC in the Steam Sales and i'm finding a whole new love for the game again.

Right, my request, I could be wrong (not played in a while) but if you marry Lady Grey, i'm sure, like other marriages, she prefers Good aligned players to keep her happy (which doesn't make complete sense). Again, I could be wrong, and i've never played TLC, only Vanilla Fable, so if someone can correct me if i'm wrong that would be appreciated.

If i'm right, and she prefers good alignment over evil, is there a way to mess with Fable Explorer so that she prefers Evil characters?

Any help would be fantastic, thanks Smile
 Topic: Silver eyes (assistance please)
icon1.gif  Silver eyes (assistance please) [message #69860] Tue, 10 December 2013 15:02
Izzac  is currently offline Izzac
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Registered: December 2013
I been working on this HD Silver eye layout and I can't figure out what's wrong with It.;

The eyes are completely black when I load It up.

I am very intermediate with FE and Gimp so I know I did everything right.

Any suggestion's?

"DTX1 Alpha 0: Maximized adjusmtments to eye center.:"

Saved as a BMP.

UPDATED! FIXED! : Download here: http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=69861& amp;#msg_69861

I used a online converter to fix the issue and loaded a new game.

in game shot:


[Updated on: Tue, 10 December 2013 15:41]

 Topic: Loki Mask
Loki Mask [message #69305] Fri, 16 August 2013 11:00
plopk45  is currently offline plopk45
Messages: 61
Registered: October 2009
Hi guys I recently started to mod fable, however I have found that creating weapons for fable is my limit. I have attempted to make masks and hats, however this has proven to be very tricky to do and without allot of guides on the subject its hard for me to pick it up. However it would be awesome if someone could make this particular mask for me and import it into fable.

I have zipped up a model of the mask along with the .mtl and the texture. The model is in .obj format. I have also included a screenshot of what the mask would look like in game, I just temporarily replaced another model.

I realise these things take time, and if anyone would be awesome enough to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for a great forum

http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af315/lindamason5/jackofblades_zpse75c43d3.png image, by plopk45
 Topic: madness chicken kicking
madness chicken kicking [message #69152] Fri, 19 July 2013 12:35
Chief ADFP
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Registered: December 2006
Location: Northern Florida parts

oak ville> chicken kicking

like to swap out the chicken with female kids and sound they making

there a plus to this madness the kids run off and the guards come running after you, its outlaw to beat-up on the kids only with in this contest of chicken kicking

don't know what ssi or listing it be change out the chicken for female kids with the sound track they use as will

as for the plus only a id mainly

using FE 4.1

[Updated on: Fri, 19 July 2013 12:37]

My "CPUZ-Stats"[/size]

 Topic: batman( ears put on bandit cap )
batman( ears put on bandit cap ) [message #67911] Fri, 15 March 2013 02:45
stillfable2013  is currently offline stillfable2013
Messages: 19
Registered: March 2013
Location: ipswich
Hi I'm working on doing batman armour but I need sumone to add ears to the bandit cap. I have been trying to use 3ds and blender but its very hard even with tutorials.

If any one can help. I will give credit when I release the mod

Thank you for reading

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 Topic: helm with horns
helm with horns [message #67892] Tue, 12 March 2013 15:18
stillfable2013  is currently offline stillfable2013
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Registered: March 2013
Location: ipswich
Hi I don't know if any one has made this or even people making mods for fable but . I would loke a helmet that you van still see the horns like holes an the horns come out.

Thanks for your time

“A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.”
 Topic: Lady Grey Demon Door
Lady Grey Demon Door [message #67782] Tue, 22 January 2013 04:43
jeffmiester  is currently offline jeffmiester
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Registered: January 2013
I did the quest to expose Lady Grey and become mayor myself, but I forgot the one demon door will only open if you marry her. I am a completionist, and I want the demon door to open. I tried to redo the quest by making the quest playable again, but the guild seal and cullis gates stop working.

Is there a way to either:
1. Mod the demon door to open without being married to Lady Grey.
2. Reactivate the Guild Seals and Cullis gates after they crash.
 Topic: Screenshot Needed
icon5.gif  Screenshot Needed [message #67772] Wed, 16 January 2013 05:30
Tion Blaze  is currently offline Tion Blaze
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Registered: May 2012
Location: South Africa
Hey my Computer is having issues taking screenshots so I'm Asking For someone to upload a screenshot of this re texture of the Neutral Leather Shirt Please and Thank you. Very Happy

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 Topic: Bleach Anime idea.
Bleach Anime idea. [message #66387] Wed, 18 April 2012 19:20
Kronic  is currently offline Kronic
Messages: 6
Registered: July 2011

So, I'm a big fan of bleach, so far I've come across one of Ichigo's hollow masks, Hitsuguya's sword, and Renji's sword. Buuuuutttt...... I'd like to see Ichigo's bankai like in the final arc (most resent mangas.) I would do it myself, but I to be honest have no idea how to do any of that stuff, and when I try making a simple sword in blender I somehow screw it up =/ so, anyone up to the challenge? I shall try to make his new bankai'd sword. index.php?t=getfile&id=10617&private=0

 Topic: balvorne mod (factions )
balvorne mod (factions ) [message #66115] Sat, 17 March 2012 13:25
itsduncan  is currently offline itsduncan
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Registered: January 2011
ive been trying to edit the factions and CEnemyDef's for some time to try to stop eveyone attacking when your a balvorne could someone talk me through how to do it
 Topic: Alignment for Divine Wrath
Alignment for Divine Wrath [message #65842] Mon, 20 February 2012 23:55
daldec  is currently offline daldec
Messages: 9
Registered: February 2012
Can someone tell me how can I change the spell so it reacts like heal life, that only if you have good alignment you can max it out? Same with the other spell, Unholy power, when you are evil alignment you can max it out, like the berserk spell. Hope anyone can help me, thanks in advance.
AND how can I remove the resurrection phials of the game too, at least not the item, just the effect so you can't resurrect and to remove the number in the red heart of the health bar. Please help.
FOR THE KNOWN of everybody, I searched before I ask, but these are the only topics I found and are useless: http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=24431& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp;&srch=max+berserk#msg_24431 , http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=46288& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp;&srch=alignment+berserk#msg_46288, please help me.
EDIT: I FOUND THE WAY TO MAKE IT... if anyone want to know here is the method:
1) For the alignment modifier for the spells you have to go to HERO_ABILITY then to the spell you want to choose, for example the divine fury, you click on HERO_ABILITY_SKILL_DIVINE_WRATH_SPELL and in the 6613D645-unknown there is 0, I change it to 0.5 and with the unholy power in the same category "6613D645" I put -0.5. So for the divine fury you have to be good to max it out and for the infernal wrath you have to be evil.
2) To disable the resurrection phials, that is for people like me who want the game more difficult.. you go to OBJECT, then click in the 4312 that is OBJECT_RESURRECTION_PHIAL and there click on object, then delete the Cdef that says CResurrectionItemDef and there you have, even if you have phials you won't resurrect any more, so be careful with your health and put attention to the guildmaster "your heath is low" hehe. If you want to disable the phials from the traders, so they don't sell you any phial enter the entry that says CStockItemDef, the first entry in it must say 500 that is the default value, in the other entries, I think it said all unknown put them to 0, so any trader can't sell you the phials and if you get one from the drop of an enemy or from a treasure you can sell them to a trader. Hope this mini tutorial helps and sorry if not.
Found the way to disable the phials from the drops of enemies.
PS: If moderator or admin want to delete the topic, go on but if you want it to stay as a tutorial, that will be good too. Thanks.

[Updated on: Wed, 22 February 2012 21:36]

 Topic: FE compatible Dragon Soul
FE compatible Dragon Soul [message #65244] Sun, 13 November 2011 13:52
charrzarr  is currently offline charrzarr
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Registered: June 2009
Location: Behind You, then in front...
I have been away for awhile and no longer have internet at home so working on mods is very difficult. that said i was wandering if someone could make a Fable Explorer compatible fmp of the Dragon Soul http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=59566& amp;#msg_59566
I have attempted this but due to my limited internet access, i have been unable to acquire the appropriate tutorials in a way that i could have access to them while working on the fmp(which will be when i am WITHOUT internet)
I would be very grateful if this request were fulfilled and since the Dragon Soul was my Brainchild and design/mesh I believe my permission should be sufficient(unfortunately i still haven't managed to get down how to make a blender model work with fable)

 Topic: Guard Hat Retexture
Guard Hat Retexture [message #64771] Thu, 22 September 2011 19:24
Crowmock  is currently offline Crowmock
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Registered: August 2011
Location: Arkansas
Hi, me again. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a little project I was thinking of. I was listening to Songs of the Civil War and began thinking to myself that the guard hat would make a good Union/Confederate cap. If you'd be interested I'd like to see a retexture of the guard hat to remove the back flap thing and to perhaps make it a little greyer for the Confederacy and also one blue for the Union. Or if you'd like, make two separate guard hats one Union the other Confederate. If it works out I might just plan on making a small mod based around it (With credits to you if you let me use it.) anyway, if you want to then I'd appreciate it.

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 Topic: Bigger nastier horns
Bigger nastier horns [message #64731] Sun, 18 September 2011 03:49
Pink Floyd  is currently offline Pink Floyd
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Registered: September 2011
Location: Sweden
Hi I was wondering if someone here would be kind enough to make a mod that makes the evil horns bigger, darker and overall more evil?

Thanks Smile
 Topic: help
help [message #62467] Tue, 19 April 2011 05:43
oO0Nick0Oo  is currently offline oO0Nick0Oo
Messages: 98
Registered: January 2011
Location: Greece

can pls someone put that in a fmp or .big file whithout to cause that crazy pixelesion?? put it at aeon's swordindex.php?t=getfile&id=9889&private=0

  • Attachment: aeon.bmp
    (Size: 768.05KB, Downloaded 2215 time(s))

[Updated on: Tue, 19 April 2011 05:44]

By Nick the Dreamer. Comment :D :) :P (_( ({}) (_(
][_, {[]} ][_,
 Topic: the sword of the devil mower
the sword of the devil mower [message #62462] Mon, 18 April 2011 17:49
Ccharley  is currently offline Ccharley
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Registered: March 2011
Location: France

hello or good evening all
was a big fan of evil sword ^ ^
I wonder if anyone can make such a sword with the same texture?

thank you to all who read and pay attention to that message and the request =)

good day / good night

[Updated on: Mon, 18 April 2011 17:54]

 Topic: Port from xbox request
Port from xbox request [message #62023] Thu, 31 March 2011 09:19
asmcint  is currently offline asmcint
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Location: Behind the beef

I was wondering if someone could port Ailia's Sword of Freedom Back from the xbox to the pc. I don't know what it looks like, because the link on that page for the pc version is destroyed, because the sword no longer exists on the site for the PC, but it sounds awesome and I'd love to see what it's like. Confused

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 Topic: Bone Sabre
Bone Sabre [message #61413] Thu, 10 February 2011 11:10
asmcint  is currently offline asmcint
Messages: 1350
Registered: April 2010
Location: Behind the beef

I would like to request the "Bone Sabre" from Fate. In the image below you see my character wielding two of them. I just need a properly helpered model and texture, but if you feel like it pre-fmpize it.

  • Attachment: Bone Sabre.png
    (Size: 886.88KB, Downloaded 2362 time(s))

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 Topic: Sword Hilts
Sword Hilts [message #61351] Sun, 06 February 2011 13:01
asmcint  is currently offline asmcint
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Location: Behind the beef

I'm wanting to make some magic swords, but I can't do any form of modelling, nor can I make my own textures.I need someone to make a pair of sword hilts, a one hand hilt with a plain crossguard, and a two hand with a spiky curved crossguard. I also need an outline for textures so I can have a base to make the coloring look how I need it. Just draw outlines of all the different parts.And of course whoever makes the hilts(I need them already helpered), will get credited for making the mesh when I release the swords, in a package with enchanted pumpcrossbows. Very Happy

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 Topic: Weapon Request.
Weapon Request. [message #61227] Thu, 27 January 2011 21:18
Ven0m-Death  is currently offline Ven0m-Death
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First I will say just HI!

I'm very new here so I could say i'm pretty noobsih.
Anywaay I was looking those topics abaut mod requests so i decide i will request somthing:

Here is a swo... well its some king of spear...

(picture i a file..)

Please can you guys make it?please
If is not amaount of work...

Some details:

Name:Scyte of the Necron Lord
Aougmount...(i don't know write that:P):Can be 4 silver of those or none
It should be two handed
And pretty fast...

[Updated on: Thu, 27 January 2011 21:21]

 Topic: Flame of Syphos
Flame of Syphos [message #60800] Sun, 19 December 2010 05:23
Margoth  is currently offline Margoth
Messages: 35
Registered: October 2010
Hi everybody!
I was wondering if someone could make this sword, which comes from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)?

Flame of Syphos:

Description: Fire Sword tinted black with rage. The black shape is said to be a volcano king.

If you need to watch the ratio between blade and body, you can here (youtube)

Thank you in advance Smile

[Updated on: Mon, 17 January 2011 05:12]

 Topic: Avenger Edit Request.
Avenger Edit Request. [message #60680] Sun, 12 December 2010 13:53
asmcint  is currently offline asmcint
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Registered: April 2010
Location: Behind the beef

Alright, I have a request for an edit of the avenger's model. Specifically I want it to spawn these effects: A golden aura, flowing from the top of the hilt to the tip of the blade, 75% opague along the broad side of the blade, and completely opague along the blade. Also I would like it if that aura could flash red every now and again for a few seconds. The other effect is golden lightning occasionally spiraling down the blade. If someone could do this, I would be thrilled.
EDIT: I changed some of the text so it might be easier to picture the weapon in your mind. Surprised
EDIT2: Made another edit because I realised that an aura with holes isn't all that good looking.

[Updated on: Mon, 13 December 2010 10:24]

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 Topic: Two Things
Two Things [message #60621] Tue, 07 December 2010 04:02
Scythe of Blades  is currently offline Scythe of Blades
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Location: Where you would least exp...
Can someone texture the hollow mask from bleach that Grog mcgee posted on the forum, and turn the minion into a set armor minus the helmet, my xporter import plugin for 3ds max is giving me hell or id just make the minion suit myself.

Thank you for your time.

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 Topic: nightmare
nightmare [message #60522] Tue, 30 November 2010 03:28
Scythe of Blades  is currently offline Scythe of Blades
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Location: Where you would least exp...
a simple request, so ill keep this short, i was wondering if a modder with the talent of clothing creation would convert this armor from a morrowind mod for fable


[Updated on: Tue, 30 November 2010 03:43]

I envy because of the heart,
I glutton because of the heart,
I covet because of the heart,
I am prideful because of the heart,
I sloth because of the heart,
I rage because of the heart,
Because of the heart
I lust for everything about you
 Topic: MAELSTROM (Fable 2)
icon10.gif   MAELSTROM (Fable 2) [message #60372] Tue, 23 November 2010 00:01
Arenar  is currently offline Arenar
Messages: 48
Registered: November 2010
Location: Australia
Can someone plz make Maelstrom from Fable 2? I Need it! lol
Thanks in advance... Very Happy

I am in the process of making my own maelstrom, but still make me one, Lol. Mine will prolly be crap but i'll upload if all works.

[Updated on: Tue, 23 November 2010 23:54]

That's ...... AWESOME!
 Topic: King of Blades
King of Blades [message #58835] Wed, 11 August 2010 15:15
John McCain  is currently offline John McCain
Messages: 41
Registered: June 2010
it would be cool if someone made a new storyline involving the king of blades, which would be a yellow-clothed Jackofblades with a Twinblade or a large bodyguard bones, and then they replaced nymphs with a flying Bat-like of minions that are smaller, and bandits with a smaller weaker type of minion-thing, of course you would half to make those from scratch, and made it as if Albion was getting taken over any you had to stop it, I know this would take tons of hours to make but the concept (in my opinion) is really nice. and then someone made the King of Blades use the Axe of Aeons which would be like an Axe version of the sword of Aeons, and then to advance everything the final level, instead of being guild apprentices and guards, make them all have different weapons and armors, like guards would were Chainmail now with steel weapons and Ebony Crossbows to make them stronger, and guild apprentices now were apprentice armor with different plate pieces, like plate shoulders, etc.... and the new guild master would be an older Thunder. and to replace maze it would be one of the guys that you meet in the arena, preferably the assassin guy, then replace your player as a kid with James from the help granny quest, and replace Kid-whisper with your guy as a kid, and then replace adult whisper with idk, some bandit I guess. I know this seems like a lot but its more of a suggestion then a request, and If anyone decides to actually do this ENTIRE THING, then don't pressure yourself to finish it. I don't want anyone getting angry at my crazy ideas, I just make them up while I try and fall asleep xD

[Updated on: Tue, 17 August 2010 12:24]

 Topic: briar rose tattoos
briar rose tattoos [message #57833] Sat, 19 June 2010 11:33
mageboogy  is currently offline mageboogy
Messages: 6
Registered: June 2010

i checked around for this, doesn't seem like anyone has done this yet. i like briar rose's shoulder and arm tattoos (maybe she has more under those skimpy clothes, i dunno). can someone image editor savvy make those? i lack that kind of photoshop skill. a buyable, applicable tattoo card would be the ideal, rather than overwriting an existing tattoo. i'd love to combine those tats with the other stuff the hero has access to.

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 Topic: Hat Request
Hat Request [message #57320] Mon, 24 May 2010 21:04
Cyanide  is currently offline Cyanide
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Location: Da Evil carnival
Could someone find the time to make this hat in the pic below it would go with my character

Modding For A Better Yesterday
 Topic: The main creater of the balverine
icon4.gif  The main creater of the balverine [message #57307] Mon, 24 May 2010 13:08
tedytadi  is currently offline tedytadi
Messages: 3
Registered: May 2010
Hey guys!!! i wanted to know if its possible to transphorm, like

the same methode whit the white balverine, into a BALVORN Twisted Evil . you

know the ting that the oracle talks about the main cause of the

balverine. plx answer my request

oh and also...

i am using the white balverine transphormation but i loose all my

spells when i transphorme back. any solution?

 Topic: Jack Of Blades
icon3.gif  Jack Of Blades [message #57196] Tue, 11 May 2010 11:24
rostik1010  is currently offline rostik1010
Messages: 18
Registered: May 2010
All guys good job for making a lot of modes. I have a little request. I would love to see a Jack Of Blades armour fully done. saw one mode with jack of blades armor, but it doesn't have the gloves and the shirt has holes in it, but still great job. And one more thing his blade, can some one create sword of aeons with the powers that jack had with his sword. And one more thing, the last thing. when you become evil can you have the evil dark-red aura like jack of blades has one when we fight, and thats pretty much it, i know that i ask a lot, but if you guys can do that i will be and maybe someone else will be happy. Thanks everyone!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
 Topic: ultimate Jack Of Blade's
ultimate Jack Of Blade's [message #57020] Thu, 29 April 2010 13:10
jefthereaper  is currently offline jefthereaper
Messages: 64
Registered: February 2010
ok im asking to make somthing realy weard and probebly impossible richt now but, can you make JOB his blade so it shoots his fireball spell that splits up when it fire's + the slaching motion of JOB? Twisted Evil i tried it with a bow but when i change the shooting motion in the slaching motion it effect's all my bow's and or crossbow's. Sad ( and it not so cool if the hero swings his bow like a sword and than fire's. but it is funny Laughing )
 Topic: No limits of money with masters of game ? Black Jack, Money Golf...
No limits of money with masters of game ? Black Jack, Money Golf... [message #56595] Sun, 28 March 2010 13:07
rj47_2004  is currently offline rj47_2004
Messages: 1
Registered: March 2010
Location: LYON (FRANCE)
Hello all !

I'm french, so sorry for my poor english

How to make no limits of money (or very up ex: 100 000 and not 1000) in games (black jack, money golf and any others) ?
 Topic: Fable Related - Standalone Character Generator Program
Fable Related - Standalone Character Generator Program [message #56468] Fri, 19 March 2010 04:17
Dorian Saignren
Messages: 33
Registered: March 2010
Location: Home
I don't think one exists, I've been looking around for one for a while now and I haven't found anything even close. I don't even know if this is the place to request such an idea.

The desired effect is something similar to simple character generators for things like Gaia Online and Ragnarok Online. Basically, something that can take our Fable character into a fully outfitted standalone program (either online or downloadable, though the latter is preferred) in which we can customize our characters' look in all aspects from age to experience levels to alignment to equipment to diet.

I was thinking it would be best to use something similar to the game's character display function already supplied in the armor area but allow it for weapons as well. It would also be nice if the user could download and incorporate mod files to see how they would look as well, probably using the same files that the game already uses for equipment.

I'd like to hear anyone's opinion on the possibility/difficulty of this idea, and if there's a better place for this let me know and I'll gladly move it there.

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 Topic: Jack boss boddy-guard help
Jack boss boddy-guard help [message #56446] Tue, 16 March 2010 14:15
jefthereaper  is currently offline jefthereaper
Messages: 64
Registered: February 2010
hi its me agene(first of all, don't minde the bad englich. I am doing my best Confused ) i just want to ask or somwan can make a jack of blades boddy guard. i allredy made him myself Smile . (his voice too like: Albion wil burn and stuff.) but he lost all of his moves Sad . he only slaches his sword always the same way and 10m away from the enemy Mad . i tried changing his atack style but it dit not work. so i ask for a super-kik-ass-mod-pro Cool ho can give my boddyguard jack his moves back. (only all the blade shot's and his assasins rush) thanks from beforhand Laughing . PS if jou are not sure how to do this, or you have not tested this, please do not tel me. nothing personal but i do not realy apreciate peapol give me false advise. i alreddy modded to mutche to lose it for needing to restor my game Crying or Very Sad . but ofcourse evry tip is welkome

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 Topic: Player Model Request
Player Model Request [message #56413] Fri, 12 March 2010 22:20
Higarashimangaman85  is currently offline Higarashimangaman85
Messages: 2
Registered: March 2010
Hey there people. I am not good at modeling and I do not know anything about exporting, but could somebody rig the Niko Bellic model from Grand Theft Auto 4? I would love to run around as Niko with Avo's Tear >D

Thanks in advance if you can help me.
 Topic: JoB hero doll made into trophy
JoB hero doll made into trophy [message #56299] Mon, 01 March 2010 13:06
Chizz  is currently offline Chizz
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I'm not sure if this is possible but making JoB hero doll into a trophy would make the hero doll quest more meaningful. Now it's just small renown reward and useless item.
 Topic: revan
revan [message #56167] Sun, 14 February 2010 23:34
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well, i am a HUGE fan of Starwars Knights of the old republic and revan, i am kinda new to the modding buiz and i was hoping for a Revan model for the game, either in clothes or actual player model. i also have a good snap shot of the revan model.

 Topic: Rifle/Musket style guns.
Rifle/Musket style guns. [message #56131] Fri, 12 February 2010 08:41
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Hello. Altough the fault may be with me, I find myself unable to use the guns that are based on a crossbow (I also find myself unable to properly aim a crossbow). I wonder, are there any muskets, that use the "Bow" animation? Something that moves the right shoulder out of the way of the aiming? That would be ideal for the larger, muscle-bound heroes like me. And it would be cool.

PS: No Photobucket: No Image of what I look like.

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