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 Topic: Weapon can stun?
Weapon can stun? [message #71067] Sun, 23 August 2015 00:46
angel_tales  is currently offline angel_tales
Messages: 1
Registered: August 2015
I made 2441 (GENERIC_MELEE_STRIKE_EXPLOSION) value in Explosion of CWeaponDef for hitting peopple down, but I wanna stun them too. I did it before but forgot it now. Can someone tell me how to do it again? As I remembered, it's unknown value in CWeaponDef or something...
Sorry for my english and thank you!
 Topic: Modding on a Windows 8 laptop
icon11.gif  Modding on a Windows 8 laptop [message #70935] Sun, 03 May 2015 12:12
Tacos8u  is currently offline Tacos8u
Messages: 2
Registered: May 2015
How does one go about modding Fable Lost Chapters on a Windows 8? I just recently purchased the game for my laptop after countless playthroughs on my old X-Box and I am interested in modding. Any precautions, advice, or tips would be appreciated.

[Updated on: Sun, 03 May 2015 12:13]

 Topic: Changing a region's sound file?
Changing a region's sound file? [message #70877] Wed, 18 March 2015 18:01
Zarkes  is currently offline Zarkes
Messages: 10
Registered: January 2013
Hi, I want to change the starter oakvales music from the village theme to the temple of light song found in Demon doors. I can't seem to find it in Region in FE. Is there a way to change specific maps music or would I have to blanket change areas music?

-Figured it out haha it's under music *facepalm

[Updated on: Wed, 18 March 2015 18:28]

 Topic: Custom temples?
Custom temples? [message #70859] Sat, 28 February 2015 23:28
Zarkes  is currently offline Zarkes
Messages: 10
Registered: January 2013
I was redoing Bowerstone slums as a new starter area and was working on a custom temple in cbox. I couldn't however make a custom guild portal or offerings to the gods. I've seen in screenshots that this is possible. I can set the object of course but I have no idea how to modify it so that one could activate them.

Does this require scripting, or is it possible through cbox?
 Topic: Importing and adding new Creature/Clothing models
Importing and adding new Creature/Clothing models [message #70393] Fri, 30 May 2014 22:49
Messages: 61
Registered: October 2013
So i was wondering if their is a way to add new Models to the game and also how to modify existing models using Blender , I did some googling about how to open Direct X files with Blender they said that you need version 2.5.2 of Blender i think ? it was a few months ago ill admit , well any way i went and

found the Blender download archive page thingy and Blender 2.5.2 was not available so i downloaded the closest one to 2.5.2 , Also my Blender is compiled with Python Ver 2.5.2 so is their a trick to opening Derect X files (i think thats the file type fable uses im a noob so don't quote me) in Blender or is it possible to make fable use files other than directX .

Also i was never able to open a Fable model in directX other than Morerunes Model, but i was able to open a few models inside a Program called deled am i just better off using deled sense it already accepts Derect X ?

 Topic: Help w/ Cbox!!!!
Help w/ Cbox!!!! [message #70160] Tue, 25 March 2014 15:45
LongbowLover  is currently offline LongbowLover
Messages: 5
Registered: January 2012
I wanted to use Cbox for chest spawning, however whenever I try to open Cbox, Windows says Cbox has stopped working. It did apply the freeroam part, but it won't actually load the program. I have downloaded .net 2.0 and Visual C++ SP1 and still nothing. I have even tried the 64-bit version, same end.
 Topic: Evil Points for Crimes
Evil Points for Crimes [message #70028] Thu, 30 January 2014 20:01
aliryn  is currently offline aliryn
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2014
It's easy to disable the crime mechanism in villages, but surely there's a way to disable the gaining of evil points for smashing people's barrels and ransacking their bookshelves?

I've found where evil points are calculated for attacking people, in their CREATURE file, but unfortunately, that's not at all what I want, and I can't find corresponding values in the OBJECT files, even though some of the entries do appear to be searchable/breakable (as opposed to just background items).

I've run more than enough searches through this site and through Google and I still can't find any reference to editing alignment points for actions other than attacking CREATUREs, so......I give up.



[Updated on: Thu, 30 January 2014 20:03]

 Topic: Premarital/Extramarital Sex
Premarital/Extramarital Sex [message #69966] Fri, 03 January 2014 22:34
Letter1  is currently offline Letter1
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2014
Not looking for any animations or stuff like that. Just the option to sleep with people out of wedlock like in Fable 2 and 3.
 Topic: jack of blades sword magic
jack of blades sword magic [message #69545] Fri, 20 September 2013 05:40
Kafie  is currently offline Kafie
Messages: 5
Registered: September 2013
Location: UK
i was wondering if someone could help me with replicating Jacks lightning beam he fires from the sword of aeons in the chamber of fate battle? anyone who could help me would be doing me a great favour Smile
 Topic: Infected people
Infected people [message #69325] Sun, 18 August 2013 11:41
OnlyABlade  is currently offline OnlyABlade
Messages: 29
Registered: April 2013
Hi, in the quest of the two traders, when you go to oakvale, one of the traders are infecket and transforms into a balverine
I can make an infected player? i want make a kid transform into a screamer
 Topic: Problem with Dragon
Problem with Dragon [message #69027] Wed, 10 July 2013 19:13
OnlyABlade  is currently offline OnlyABlade
Messages: 29
Registered: April 2013
Hi, I try make a Dragon pet making it more little and spawning it

But I spawn it and my game crases, I fin it http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=1625& ;start=0&

But i don´t know if i need put the marker (see the link)
in the .lev file, and if I make it follow me, when i go to other region the game go to crash because dont are the marker in the region

If the pet not is posible i wan´t put the Mini dragons like an enemy in a region

Please help me
 Topic: Made a new weapon in 3ds max 9, but textures wont apply ingame
Made a new weapon in 3ds max 9, but textures wont apply ingame [message #68521] Sun, 09 June 2013 08:57
larzi  is currently offline larzi
Messages: 2
Registered: November 2009
Location: Norway

I made the mesh, imported a katana, linked all the helpers, unwrapped the uvw and used texporter to make a template for textures.

I created a new weapon entry, new mesh and a new texture entry for my weapon, and in CBox everything shows up correctly: I have a paddle-like weapon with a dark (marine) blue texture. Ingame it shows up as pretty much a realistic colour (it's light beige/brown).

Why doesn't the texture apply? I import it as DXT1 and set the alpha to 0.

EDIT: I even tried just linking another texture in the mesh, and it still doesn't apply in-game. Why is this happening? Is there something I'm not doing in the mesh properties?

[Updated on: Sun, 09 June 2013 09:09]

 Topic: Brain on summon help
Brain on summon help [message #68505] Sat, 08 June 2013 17:22
Dr3am3r21  is currently offline Dr3am3r21
Messages: 109
Registered: November 2012
Location: Greece
Hi guys Smile. So... Today I was wondering if someone could change the BRAIN of the summon to other brain... And if yes can someone please tell me how to do it?? Smile

Mod FTW!!! :D
Cpt Dreamer Designs
 Topic: Marrying poor girl in Lady Grey's quest
Marrying poor girl in Lady Grey's quest [message #67928] Wed, 20 March 2013 08:37
Andyzero  is currently offline Andyzero
Messages: 2
Registered: March 2013
I wooed Lady Grey and then married the Poor Girl who helps you, which cancels both the Marry Lady Gray questline and Expose Lady Gray questline.

Then I set the "V_ExposeMayor" and "V_ExposeMayorRhodri" in Albion.qst to TRUE and used Albion Explorer. This DID reset the quests, and when I finished them, I was Mayor of Bowerstone.....and the Poor Girl respawned. Even though I'm still married to her clone.

Notes I found interesting.

Variations of marrying the girl at different parts of the quest (I had her follow me after giving her a ring but not going to an owned house) until I agreed to be Mayor of Bowerstone, then the "respawn" takes over and she's unmarriable.

Killing the respawn poor girl in one save seemed to erase my married poor girl. (so same character ID) Doing it again in a different save didn't erase the Poor Girl I married, but then Poor Girl respawned immediately when I went back to North Bowerstone.

Married Poor Girl will not follow me to North Bowerstone, so I can't have them stand side by side; married poor girl still by entrance when I go back to South Bowerstone.
 Topic: Steam with windows 7 help
Steam with windows 7 help [message #67787] Wed, 23 January 2013 16:31
tyscifi  is currently offline tyscifi
Messages: 382
Registered: March 2011
Location: The Depths of Hell (PA)
I have bought the steam version of fable and was wondering if the primer for windows 7 works. Would you just insert the directory of the steam game or will modding the steam version only work on xp.

"Smoke Meth, Hail Satan."
 Topic: FE CB cant spawn chests.
FE CB cant spawn chests. [message #67778] Fri, 18 January 2013 18:58
Zarkes  is currently offline Zarkes
Messages: 10
Registered: January 2013
I am having problems in Fable Explorer and Chocolate Box. I want to put an assassin shirt into a chest. I know exactly how to do it and I can spawn many items but here is my problem. When I use this particular item and others like it it refuses to select only that specific item.

For example I select OBJECT_HERO_SHIRT_STEALTH the program selects OBJECT_HERO_SHIRT_STEALTH but also _appearance, _inventory, _stock which crashes my game because you can only have one item per slot in a chest.

How do I get around this?
 Topic: A few simple questions
A few simple questions [message #67741] Tue, 01 January 2013 20:38
Mighty Hatman
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2013
Location: United Kingdom
How good are the modding tools for this game? I'd love to help bring back life into this community by using my skills to help out.

I have no idea what tools are available though so while I can create new models and textures for the game I have no idea what is supported.

Am I limited to just 3ds Max or Maya or some other program when creating objects to this? Can I create new locations within the game to create a completely new map? Can I place new NPCs within the game with their own voice, unique models and textures and conversations?

Am I, basically, able to add meaningful content to this game? If there are still people lurking around here who know this stuff please give me some idea what I would be working with because I would be most appreciative. I don't want to dig through 6+ years of forum to get all the information I need. I'll check up on this in a month or so given the current activity of the forum.
 Topic: Titles and armor
Titles and armor [message #67709] Tue, 11 December 2012 02:34
Axenotgood  is currently offline Axenotgood
Messages: 1
Registered: December 2012
I am new to modding fable tlc in fact I only started a couple of hours ago :)I have viewed this site for the past month also and enjoy the community and I was wondering in fable explorer is their a way to tie jack of blades title to job mask...? thank you in advanced

 Topic: Tutorial - How to change Expirience Costs on Skills
Tutorial - How to change Expirience Costs on Skills [message #67493] Mon, 29 October 2012 05:22
Attiman  is currently offline Attiman
Messages: 48
Registered: October 2011
Location: Holland
Here is a Tutorial how to change the expirience costs for a skill

  • Attachment: Untitled.png
    (Size: 668.61KB, Downloaded 1126 time(s))

 Topic: language problem
language problem [message #67104] Thu, 02 August 2012 12:52
Final-Z  is currently offline Final-Z
Messages: 39
Registered: April 2012
Location: always near my keyboard.....
There's something strange with my lang folder. The game's every dialogue / text is in french, yet the only language displayed there is english. Whenever I open the .big files related, Fable explorer says it's all french. Is it normal?

If possible, i'd like to change my game's language to english, because french voices are... Annoying -><-

 Topic: Alternative Soundtrack v1.0
Alternative Soundtrack v1.0 [message #67024] Fri, 20 July 2012 14:08
Roccat  is currently offline Roccat
Messages: 2
Registered: July 2012
Hello.. if anyone would be so kind to reupload "Alternative Soundtrack v1.0" witch was post here --> http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=57112& amp; two years ago I would really appreciate It

Thanks Smile
 Topic: The Real Estate Business (Houses Question)
icon5.gif  The Real Estate Business (Houses Question) [message #66949] Sun, 08 July 2012 18:25
keeton2009  is currently offline keeton2009
Messages: 9
Registered: July 2009
Ive recently been working on a mod that allows you too to further upgrade your house. Here is a little sneak peek.

Upgrade 1: Default
http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj596/keeton2009/6-21-20 1290442PM.jpg

Upgrade 2: Added Bench and Picnic Table
http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj596/keeton2009/6-21-20 1290545PM.jpg

Upgrade 3: Added stone fence as well as statue of Hero's Mom
http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj596/keeton2009/6-21-20 1290615PM.jpg

This mod is Main Story Friendly and is only an add on.

But back to my question...When im adding things to the house, there are 3 dresses (being upgrade1 then upgrade2 then upgrade3). When i go to add a 4th dress for upgrade4, well this is when im running into issues. Can i just copy and continue the script for more upgrades? if so where can i find the script? because ive looked. Also i plan to make custom city after this mod, upgradable cities. i appreciate the help. Very Happy

[Updated on: Mon, 09 July 2012 04:31]

 Topic: Berserk Help.
Berserk Help. [message #66850] Fri, 15 June 2012 00:41
anon30303  is currently offline anon30303
Messages: 1
Registered: June 2012
Hello all. I have searched the entire internet several times over for the solution to my problem but have came up empty every time, I've spent at least 5 hours messing with Shadownet/FableExplorer trying to solve it myself and I fear I'm about to lose my mind...

All I want to do is remove the sounds that the berserked hero makes. The breathing, the "RAWWWAAHHH"s, and if possible, the cooldown in between transitions. All I've been able to find is several people say "It's in the CEntitySoundDef", yet give no entry number or reference of any kind. I have personally tried deleting and marking EVERY ENTRY to zero in CEntitySoundDef, but still get the yelling and the breathing noises. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
 Topic: regarding fable shop trainer
regarding fable shop trainer [message #66574] Wed, 02 May 2012 05:31
pascaliedema  is currently offline pascaliedema
Messages: 27
Registered: May 2009
Location: Somewhere in Albion
ok. i followed the instructions for the trainer but whenever i try to fill in the value and the quantity i don't get a chance at all to fill it in because it always resets to 0. also when i go back ingame nothing changed only that the shopkeeper doesn't have aynthing in his inventory at all anymore. anyone knows how to fix this?

[Updated on: Wed, 02 May 2012 05:42]

 Topic: Mod for making the horns an equipable hat?
Mod for making the horns an equipable hat? [message #66012] Wed, 07 March 2012 18:51
oo7mohawk@hotmail.com  is currently offline oo7mohawk@hotmail.com
Messages: 4
Registered: March 2012
Location: Great Falls, Montana

is it possible to make the horns an equipable armor? i have done some messing around in shadownet built FE, but i am not sure if it will work. Any input is welcome.

EDIT: nevermind, i just changes the meshes for the whorewig, since i never liked that one anyways.

[Updated on: Wed, 07 March 2012 19:56]

 Topic: Linux Tip
Linux Tip [message #65725] Thu, 02 February 2012 22:49
SirDakkalot  is currently offline SirDakkalot
Messages: 1
Registered: February 2012
Location: Poquoson, VA
So as far as I can tell, when trying to apply an FMP with Wine, I'll get an error along the lines of file not found or some such. Unless I did something else without realising it that caused my no aging mod to work, this error means nothing and the mod will apply as normal. Just a helpful hint.
 Topic: New Fable Experience
New Fable Experience [message #65680] Thu, 19 January 2012 19:39
Sigilstone17  is currently offline Sigilstone17
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2012
I played the living hell out of Fable on Xbox and now I have it for computer but I don't want it be the same thing I played on console. Any tips on what mods I should download to improve and diverisfy my playthrough?
 Topic: [Help]Modding fists and a couple of other things lol
[Help]Modding fists and a couple of other things lol [message #64208] Wed, 03 August 2011 11:52
IloveFableModding  is currently offline IloveFableModding
Messages: 4
Registered: August 2011
Hey guys, I'm new here. I just got into fable modding and I really love it. Fable has been my favorite game ever since ocarina of time and I have finished this game about 17 times already legit and 3-4 times naked with boasts abusing the archer glitch haha Razz.
(TL;DR I like fable)

Anyways if some pro modder could help me I would like to:

Make my fists do damage to rocktrolls and enemies that have harder skin

Make my fists block as if a greatsword/greatmace would, since if you block with fists it automatically hits you

I already know how to increase damage/have played around a bit with chocobox/fableexplorer. And I have checked the previous threads about it but I still couldn't find anything

If you guys know how to make bow charge faster and make the berserk spell not knockdown, it would be awesome.

Thanks in advance

[Updated on: Wed, 03 August 2011 14:47]

 Topic: ¿Changing language?
¿Changing language? [message #63976] Fri, 08 July 2011 12:39
Kaleion  is currently offline Kaleion
Messages: 1
Registered: July 2011
Location: Mèxico
Hello guys I'm new here and I wanted to know if there is a way to change the language. I have the game on spanish and I want to play it on the original language, I was thinking of a no CD mod so I'm able to replace the spanish language files that are on the CD for english ones. So can this be done? and if so how? Or if there is any other way, if not I guess I'll have to re-buy the game on english Confused

[Updated on: Fri, 08 July 2011 13:01]

 Topic: OogaBoogaBooga
OogaBoogaBooga [message #63815] Fri, 01 July 2011 00:26
Messages: 269
Registered: May 2011
Location: Everywhere
Take it!!


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[Updated on: Fri, 01 July 2011 00:34]

Fable: TLC Remastered.... http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=9185& ; ; ;start=0&... October, 2012 :D

RAINBOW LIGHTNING??? [message #63793] Wed, 29 June 2011 20:05
Soric  is currently offline Soric
Messages: 41
Registered: February 2011
i was wondering if it would be possible to make the individual bolts of lighting different colors? if so how would i do so?
 Topic: new item pack 2.5
new item pack 2.5 [message #63630] Thu, 23 June 2011 19:26
tyscifi  is currently offline tyscifi
Messages: 382
Registered: March 2011
Location: The Depths of Hell (PA)
i know many people get this but i cant get it to work i get the attempter to read or write protected memory error, and i have tried to load it like 10 times heres a link http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=59964& amp; amp;&srch=item+pack+2.5#msg_59964 and i have looked around, all i found was try to load it again

[Updated on: Thu, 23 June 2011 19:29]

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 Topic: Cbox file corruption?
icon4.gif  Cbox file corruption? [message #63581] Tue, 21 June 2011 12:51
sakn  is currently offline sakn
Messages: 24
Registered: June 2011
I backed up my files and everything, left them untouched and wasn't happy with what i had modded today. So i just restored my backups to this eye sore i get when i open the region editor. (Guild Woods aswell as all other locations)


[Updated on: Wed, 22 June 2011 04:43] by Moderator

 Topic: The magic weapon set
The magic weapon set [message #63529] Sun, 19 June 2011 19:25
tyscifi  is currently offline tyscifi
Messages: 382
Registered: March 2011
Location: The Depths of Hell (PA)
ok, so i am planning on making an awesome weapon set, but i have some questions, but first here is the sword

ok, are you able to set a certain level of magic that you have to have to use a weapons properly?
would anyone be willing to help, and are there any changes i should make to the mesh. but since i dont have an fmp for people to test, i will post in general mod disscussion. these will be magic themed, but i will see if i can make them have different textures deppending on alignment. {new weapons, not edit} I need people who can make/ edit textures, make meshes, and can put these things in fable.

[Updated on: Sun, 19 June 2011 19:29]

"Smoke Meth, Hail Satan."
 Topic: CameraMode value tests.
CameraMode value tests. [message #62678] Sun, 01 May 2011 14:48
nicomon  is currently offline nicomon
Messages: 199
Registered: November 2007
Location: Zearth

All of these are done with a DollyLength of 0. Some may act differently with a different value, namely 3.

0 - crash. Somehow used by CAMERA_PROJECTILE_WEAPON_CAM without crashing.
1 - crash
2 - crash
3 - "Odd" behavior, to say the least. Probably acts mostly normal with a longer DollyLength, as it is used by even more cameras than 17.
4 - First Person, but the camera doesn't follow the hero. Used by CAMERA_FIRST_PERSON.
5 - crash
6 - crash
7 - crash
8 - crash
9 - crash
10 - crash
11 - Moves the camera inward slightly from the previous view, and locks it's position around the hero. Camera still follow the hero, though. Used By ZTarget cameras.
12 - crash
13 - Same as 4, but from the ground, and a changeable angle.
14 - Similar to 3, except changing the DollyLength does nothing.
15 - crash
16 - crash
17 - This is what the camera uses by default. Nothing special.
18 - crash
19 - crash
20 - crash
21 - crash
22 - crash
23 - crash
24 - crash
25 - crash

feel free to test other values a report there effects here.

I divided by zero and survived.
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 Topic: Unlisted ini options
Unlisted ini options [message #61065] Wed, 05 January 2011 09:21
Keshire  is currently offline Keshire
Messages: 1263
Registered: July 2005



Don't exist in the exe:
//Don't mess

//****** Select your resolution
SetResolution(1024, 768, 16);

PresentImmediate FALSE;
ShowDevFrontEnd FALSE;
AllowDebugProfile FALSE;

MaxThingDrawDist 128;

Stuff I'm unsure of:

ie: AddQuest("ShowTargetedThingHealth",		FALSE);

It'd be interesting if these worked...

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 Topic: Where can I download the Conquest v2 mod?
Where can I download the Conquest v2 mod? [message #61063] Wed, 05 January 2011 05:26
Delta_progeny  is currently offline Delta_progeny
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2011
Where can I download the full installer for the Fable: conquest v2 mod?

http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=tree&th=5721&am p;

All the links seems to be dead.
 Topic: change the sky??
change the sky?? [message #60474] Sat, 27 November 2010 06:45
TheresaFable2  is currently offline TheresaFable2
Messages: 46
Registered: November 2010
Location: SPAIN
hello, i'm spanish and i don't speak english very well.
I'm -:JaCkOfBlAdEs:- of www.fablemod.forosactivos.com
I have a doubt of the sky.
I'm doing a fable mod the mod changes the world of Albion in Fable TLC for the world of Albion in Fable 2.
My question is: how do you change the sky?
I hope you understand my English Embarassed
If you know the answer to my question tell me please
Thanks Razz
 Topic: Fireball Arrows - Dragon Breath - Help Please
Fireball Arrows - Dragon Breath - Help Please [message #58769] Wed, 04 August 2010 22:52
Slyker  is currently offline Slyker
Messages: 1
Registered: August 2010
I was editing my master longbow to shoot the same projectile as JoB did when he was a dragon. Like, the dragon breath. Basically it came out as 3 fireballs. then i disappear, and i have to unsheath my melee weapon to reappear, but theres a catch.... and i only get one shot out of my bow before i disappear. then any time i take it back out, i vanish again. anyone have any clue why it does this?

Edit: NVM. i fixed it. i had forgotten that i changed the reload stats on the bow as well. Razz silly me. ps. ITS AWESOME! now its time to test how much damage i can cause with this beast weapon. HAHAHAHA. Razz

[Updated on: Wed, 04 August 2010 23:32]

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 Topic: Maze Outfit Problem
Maze Outfit Problem [message #58184] Thu, 01 July 2010 04:15
Rigat0n1  is currently offline Rigat0n1
Messages: 4
Registered: June 2010
Location: France

I have the mod "Maze Outfit" that I have downloaded here : http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=934& goto=9039#msg_num_3

But now my personnage look like Rayman :


The guy who posted this mod ( http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=51383& amp;&srch=Suits#msg_51383) has no problem with his arms...

What can I do to fix that ?
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