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 +When Opening an Object, Creature, Buidling, etc etc etc (Hence forth refered to simply as "​Objects"​),​ your given the option to add and delete Cdefs.\\
 +**Note of Warning:** When adding cdefs to an "​Object"​. Currently the Cdefs are ordered by the CDefName number. Low to High. Hopefully this can be automated in the next released version of Fable Explorer.
 +===What are Cdefs===
 +Cdefs are packages of properties given to "​Objects"​ in order to expand on what they do.\\
 +Whether it be Physics, Targeting, Collisions, or Inventories.\\
 +===Entry Descriptions===
 +When adding a Cdef your prompted with 3 possible entries.\\
 +This is the name of the cdef as pulled from the Names.bin file. Which is a library of names used by the game.\\
 +To fill it in simply click on the list box next to the entry or copy and paste the number from an existing entry.\\
 +This is the actual File ID of the entry stored in the Game.bin\\
 +To fill it in find the File ID of the Cdef by expanding the category of the CDef you want and pick your CDef.\\
 +When creating your own CDef it's best to give it a name in order to better identify it from the unnamed ones.\\
 +note: Currently Fable Explorer will only store a linked cdef in an fmp if it is given a name. Otherwise the Cdef is added but not properly linked when the fmp is loaded.\\
 +This is the actual File ID of another "​Objects"​. It is currently unknown what it's purpose is but the general idea is to use the current "​Objects"​ File ID for anything that defines it as unique, and use the templates for the generic stuff. You can use pre-existing "​Objects"​ as a guideline for this.\\
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