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Tools You Will Need:

In order to build a succesful script, you must first aquire 3 things, they are….

Names.bin Decompiled Names
Wad Extractor and Patcher The “Free Roam App”

Once you have these tools, and extracted the TNG of the maps you wish to edit, open the TNG in a text editor.

Basic scripts

The following scripts are basic commands that are for “cut and paste” use, for a quick way to get the bulk of the scripting down, these scripts will help those of you who do not know how to script, or what all the names are for, make your basic mods, and help you on your way to making better advanced mods. Note these scripts can be edited to be more advanced, you can do that later with various CTC commands.

Basic creature spawning script

Building spawning script

Creature generator

Treasure chest script

CTC commands and values

This section has most of the CTC commands the above scripts use, some CTC commands will crash the game if used in a script they are not meant to be used in.

CTC commands give an object certain specified properties, e.g you can give a weapon augmentations.

To start a CTC command,
Start<CTCcommand> to start the script
End<CTCcommand> to end it.
E.G StartCTCTargeted, EneCTCTargeted.

Most CTC commands have variables that can be altered as well.

CTCTargeted; Tells the script it can be targeted by the hero.
Targetable TRUE or FALSE;

CTCChest; Defines an object as a container that has animations.
ContainerContents[0] “Item enum”;
ChestOpen FALSE or TRUE;

CTCStockItem; Defines Item as an inventory item, like weapons and apples. Can Set the resell price.
ForSale FALSE or True;
Stealable TRUE or FALSE;
Price X; X = Price for sale, ( 1 to 1000000)

CTCObjectAugmentations; If a weapon, you may give it augments with this script
AugmentationDefNames[0] “”; (Leave these blank if you want the slots to be blank)
AugmentationDefNames[1] “”;
AugmentationDefNames[2] “”;
AugmentationDefNames[3] “”;

A full list of available commands can be found here…
Map Scripting 101

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