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Villager Spawning

Building or Marker (In the case of crate stacking, hopscotch, or bonfire markers)
VillageUID UID used for Village;
note: Each Village has specific AICreatures set for specific tasks. note: Some buildings (Such as Shops) have their own specific AICreatures used. If not the Village will assign a default one.

Building Ownership

Object or Marker (in the case of the buyable house marker)
CreateTC “CTCOwnedEntity”;
SwitchableNavigationTCAdded FALSE;
VersionNumber 1;
OwnerUID UID used for Building;
note: This is used for furniture, Doors, and the buyable signposts

Forced NPC Relationships

Note: Some Villages don't have support for some building types. So you'll need to manually set an AICreature to use specific buildings or Creatures….

HasRelationships TRUE;
HomeBuildingUID UID used for Building;
WorkBuildingUID UID used for Building;
FatherCreatureUID UID used for other AICreature;
MotherCreatureUID UID used for other AICreature;
SpouseCreatureUID UID used for other AICreature;

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