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This is the Fable TLC Mod Documentation Wiki. We will try to keep this up to date with tutorials and information on how the game works and how to modify it. If you find problems please report them in the forums.

Main Index


Tutorials & Guides



Scripting Commands

Defination Editing



Take an existing entry and create or change the following entries in order to create a basic new item



Various utilities used to extract and edit assets

Game Trainers

File Formats

Mainly for programmers. These are the byte structures you can expect inside of files.

  • BBM Big Blue Box Mesh
  • BBA Big Blue Box Animation
  • BIG Big Blue Box Archive
  • BIN Structure of the Compiled Def BIN file
  • LEV Level Mesh and NPC Navigation Data
  • Effect Effect Data
  • STB STB Archive Layout
  • STB_LEV STB Level Layout
  • WAD Level Mesh and Thing Script Archive
  • GameSave Storing of region, object, and quest data
  • Met Meta File that Controls .Lug Audio Banks
  • Lut Compiled Sound Bank of Spoken Text

Basic File Format Descriptions

  • WAD (TNG & LEV Archive)
    • TNG (Level Scripts)
    • LEV (Level Mesh and Navigation data)
  • BIG (DDS, BBM, BBA, effects & shaders Archive)
  • STB (Level Texture and Flora Archive)
  • BIN (Binary File, Compiled Header, Enum Properties)
  • Audio (Game Audio, Compiled Sound Banks)

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